Mobile Application

Mobile is the future and what is better than starting the future by you? We create custom mobile Apps that are unique with new coding and mobile database technologies to facilitate features that have never been previously developed and we also invest our skills in the mobile Apps we build with proper SEO.

Deliverables from typical strategy engagements include:

  • Best practices / competitive analysis
  • Mobile KPIs
  • Integration architecture with legacy back-end systems
  • Target audience (consumer, client or employees) definition through personas and use cases
  • Budgets and timelines for launch, as well as ongoing updates and maintenance
  • Internal and external technical and capabilities requirements
  • Creation of mobile RFPs
  • Technical audits and code reviews of existing apps and APIs
  • Trade-off analysis among native apps, mobile web and platforms
  • Mobile deployment strategies to both employees and clients
  • Mobile security analysis and recommendations
  • Analysis and recommendations of middleware and integration solutions
  • Strategies around next-generation platforms such as mobile video delivery and connected devices. 

Why create a Mobile App:

  • Customer engagment
  • Customer service and support
  • promotion
  • Mobility