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Driven by Beirutís pressing need for effective parking management, brothers Chadi, George, and Wissam Haber joined together with Sheikh Maurice Gemayel and a strong team of close friends to establish VIP Parking Control in 2000. The major objective of VIP Parking Control was to provide solutions that would alleviate unnecessary community stress arising due to lack of parking, traffic, and congested streets.

Over the past decade, VIP Parking Control has established itself with a team of over 1400 talented professionals over 160 locations in Lebanon, Erbil (Iraq), Kuwait, and most recently the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). VIP Parking Control continues to seek strategic partnerships with international parking management companies, as well as regional expansion through franchising and joint ventures.

With excellent corporate governance, state-of-the-art technology platforms and an uncompromising marketing and customer orientation, VIP Parking Control continues to score successes in delivering a delightful experience to individuals and communities.